Weingut Verlisch Morillon vom Opok 2013

Weingut Verlisch Morillon vom Opok 2013

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Ewald Tscheppe is a certified biodynamic producer based in the south of Styria. This region is famous for its ‘opok’ (sandy loam) that produce powerful and distinctive white wines. The majority of their estate is planted to Chardonnay, locally known as 'Morillon'. Fruit is de-stemmed then fermented with natural yeasts and aged in large oak barrels. This extensive oak ageing forms an integral part of his winemaking style, and brings out the distinctive character of Ewald’s wines. The result is a complex, mineral style of Chardonnay that tastes quite rich.

Origin: Styria, Austria

Year: 2013

Varietal: Morillon

Style: Elegant