Weingut Werlitsch Ex Vero II

Weingut Werlitsch Ex Vero II

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Ewald Tscheppe is a certified biodynamic producer based in the south of Styria. This region is famous for its ‘opok’ (sandy loam) that produce powerful and distinctive white wines. The vines for this wine stand on sparser soil. This reflects itself in weaker growth of the vine and in turn less yield: however, significantly more complexity. They are so called Ex vero which means "out of the truth" and stay for pure delicate fine wines. It is reminiscent of aged Grand Cru Chablis, bursting with minerality and finesse in a wine of relatively light body. An incredible wine, different to what many would expect from Austria.

Origin: Styria, Austria

Year: 2011

Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay

Style: Elegant